CPI Project - Motorized Frame Assembly

Design Objectives:

  • Design a system whereby fixture posts would move at a constant speed in a track-like path.
  • At both ends of track, posts would spin 360 degrees.

Design Requirements:

  • Short time line (in a matter of weeks)
  • Entire assembly was required to be easily disassembled and reassembled on site
  • Low profile form needed.

Project Description:

A client in the marketing and advertising industry approached CPI with an idea for a moving display which would showcase a particular product which moved in a pseudo-rectangular track-like pattern. The show pieces would be mounted on poles which would move at a constant speed in a rounded-edges-rectangular pattern. As an added touch of complexity, the poles would need to spin 360 degrees at both ends of the track before proceeding on its way - thereby adding a touch of flair to the motion. All pieces needed to be mounted in a low profile platform such that the mechanics and the platform itself could be obstructed from view easily with a few additional panels.

To meet the customers objective, an 80/20 aluminum T-slotted extrusion frame was constructed and affixed with custom machined UHMW guide rails. UHMW is often employed as a friction reducing contact surface, and can often be found in some bearings. The material was determined to offer the best trade-off between friction reduction, cost, and availability to suit the customer's restrictions. An electric AC motor and chain provided the motive force to move the custom machined pole fixtures.

To address the 360 degree turn, an idler pulley was fixed to each pull and would come into contact with a precision cut contact surface which would spin the pulley (and in turn the pole) as they came into contact. An adjustable alignment paddle was added to ensure the pole's orientation before and after the rotation stayed the same

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