CPI Project - Vacuum Sealed Windshield Stand.

Design Objectives:

  • Find a solution to allow 2 people to work on the elements of a windshiled
  • Allow for ergonomic work enviornments

Design Requirements:

  • Maximum of 2 people to operate and work on the stand.
  • Esure the safety of the workers and the glass.

Project Description:

CPI was approached with a problem. Allow for two people to simultaneously work on the elements of a windshield heater. The solution, a vacuum sealed windshield workplace. This would allow for both workers to place a pane of glass on the stand and with the vacuum in the center, secure the glass.The steel frame is rigid enough to hold larger, heavier windshields. The adjustable stands allow for any windshield to be worked on. As well as the height adjusting feet will provide an ergonomic safe work environment.

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