CPI Project - Small Parts Custom Clamping Solution

Design Objectives:

  • Develop a miniature clamping solution.
  • High precision and repeatability required for optical tests.

Design Requirements:

  • Quick turn around time.
  • Secure and strong clamping solution.
  • Clamping force in radial and vertical directions.
  • Clamps cannot obstruct workpiece loading.

Project Description:

A client approached CPI to design and manufacturer a retrofit solution to a custom clamping application. A small die-cast aluminum work piece needed to be held firmly in place on a rotary indexer for the duration of very precise and position sensitive optical tests. The workpiece needed to be held both laterally and vertically in place with minimal deviation between test setups. CPI's retrofit solution included 2 alignment pins to accurately position the die-cast workpiece, while a custom swing-away clamp would provide the lateral and vertical clamping force. A thumb screw was also included in the design to allow for tool-less operation of the fixture. Due to the time sensitivity of the project, CPI's was able to engineer and manufacture the units within 2 working days of the initial customer request.

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