CPI Project - Portable Demonstration Unit

Design Objectives:

  • Design and build Demo Case for pneumatic cylinder.
  • Demo case must be self-contained and able to fit inside a standard carry-on.

Design Requirements:

  • Rugged and durable to withstand travel conditions.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Project Description:

CPI was approached by a customer to develop a demonstration unit for Bimba's SPCS pneumatic valve which could be setup in minimal time and still be portable enough to travel with easily. The intention was to use this demo unit at trade-shows and clients sites which may be located in cities far enough whereby a standard demonstration unit is no longer practical given the distance. As such, it was requested that the entire demonstration unit be physically installed within a hard travel case with wheels to facilitate transportation on standard commercial airlines. To address the client's needs, participation from CPI's fluids, control, and mechanical disciplines was brought together to develop a setup that could demonstrate the performance of the SPCS valve while at the same time being small enough to fit in the provided travel sized roller case.

CPI designed and produced a custom solution where the on-board Panasonic touch-screen HMI and PLC provided a convenient interface to interact and showcase the full range of functionality of the Bimba servo SPCS system while using a standard TRD cylinder fitted with a Balluff transducer as a test unit. The unit was completely self-contained with an on-board switching power supply, fusing, programming, and pneumatic filters such that the only inputs required to make the unit work were a standard electrical outlet and shop supply air.

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