CPI Project - Louver/Damper Drive Actuator

Design Objectives:

  • Build a damper/louver drive that rotates 0-90 degrees on control signal.
  • Pneumatically operated

Design Requirements:

  • Needs to be rugged and able to withstand cold environments.
  • Position feedback and end of travel electronic indicators needed.
  • Electrical Signal and Supply Fail open

Project Description:

CPI designs and manufactures damper drive assemblies used in industrial applications where precision pneumatic actuation is needed. This particular damper drive unit was customized for to accept a 4-20 mA control signal and hold a proportional angular position from 0 to 90 degrees on an output shaft. On-board heating system allows for cold-temperature environment operation. Position-feedback is provided via a separate 4-20 mA return signal along with tunable limit switches to indicate full open and full closed positions. Output angle is held with a PID controller which allows for precise position holding even under varying loads. Fail systems include the monitoring of supply pressure and control signal - loss of any or both would result in the actuator being forced to the open position. For other dampers, fail-close and fail-freeze could both be accommodated.

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