Case Studies

Feel free to browse some of the past projects that CPI has been involved in. Project displayed are only a sample of CPI's design and engineering team capabilities. If you are interested in drawing upon CPI expertise feel free to contact us.

Vacuum Sealed Windshield Stand.

CPI was approached with a problem. Allow for two people to simultaneously work on the elements of a windshield heater. The solution, a vacuum sealed windshield workplace. This would allow for both workers to place a pane of glass on the stand and with the vacuum in the center, secure the glass.The steel frame is rigid enough to hold larger, heavier windshields. The adjustable stands allow for any windshield to be worked on. As well as the height adjusting feet will provide an ergonomic safe work environment.

Small Parts Custom Clamping Solution

A client approached CPI to design and manufacturer a retrofit solution to a custom clamping application. A small die-cast aluminum work piece needed to be held firmly in place on a rotary indexer for the duration of very precise and position sensitive optical tests. The workpiece needed to be held both laterally and vertically in place with minimal deviation between test setups.

Portable Demonstration Unit

CPI was approached by a customer to develop a demonstration unit for Bimba's SPCS pneumatic valve which could be setup in minimal time and still be portable enough to travel with easily. The intention was to use this demo unit at trade-shows and clients sites which may be located in cities far enough whereby a standard demonstration unit is no longer practical given the distance. As such, it was requested that the entire demonstration unit be physically installed within a hard travel case with wheels to facilitate transportation on standard commercial airlines.

Louver/Damper Drive Actuator

CPI designs and manufactures damper drive assemblies used in industrial applications where precision pneumatic actuation is needed. This particular damper drive unit was customized for to accept a 4-20 mA control signal and hold a proportional angular position from 0 to 90 degrees on an output shaft.

Counterbalanced Door Guard

A client approached CPI design team to develop a guarding solution which could easily be moved out of the way to allow for quick access for operators to conduct routine rigging and maintenance of production machinery.

CPI developed a custom guarding solution which was comprised of a fixed rigid frame that supported a vertically movable guard. Minimal strength was required to lift the guard due to the addition of a counterbalance system with hidden counter weights and pulley assemblies. On-site installation service was also provided to customer.

Motorized Frame Assembly

A client in the marketing and advertising industry approached CPI with an idea for a moving display which would showcase a particular product which moved in a pseudo-rectangular track-like pattern. The show pieces would be mounted on poles which would move at a constant speed in a rounded-edges-rectangular pattern. As an added touch of complexity, the poles would need to spin 360 degrees at both ends of the track before proceeding on its way - thereby adding a touch of flair to the motion.